Boy by NO/OXI Syriza banner for EU referendum during Greek Eurozone crisis by Rethymno church Greece

A Syriza rally in Rethymno, Crete encouraging Greeks to vote NO (ΟΧΙ) to the bailout conditions proposed by the Troika (EU/ECB/IMF). Alex Tsipras’ decision on Saturday 27th June to call a referendum on the (now expired) bailout offered by Greece’s creditors threw the country into turmoil. ATMs were emptied over the weekend by people desperate to get access to their savings, and banks were shuttered as capital controls were imposed the following Monday. The Greek government’s refusal of the bailout offers proposed lead to the country defaulting on an IMF debt repayment at Midnight on Tuesday 30th June, plunging Greece further into crisis. The referendum will take place on Sunday 5th June, with some analysts predicting a ‘No’ vote (as encouraged by the Syriza government) would see Greece exiting the Euro and thus the EU and Eurozone. The Greek government deny this, with Prime Minister Tsipras asserting that he remains committed to keeping Greece in the European Union.

Greece, Opposition to Austerity: Crete

Syriza Rally – ‘No/ΟΧΙ’ to Greek Bailout Conditions for Sunday 5th Referendum